Esoteric Enterprises

VIDEO:  What is the Esoteric Enterprise Initiative? How it can benefit you.


(This service is being reviewed and will be re-launched in 2016)

  • Enterprise Blogs dropped to you directly by e-mail, to educate & enhance  your esoteric business ventures.
  • Special videos covering many `how to’ set-ups for online tools (blogs, making business promotion videos, Laying out websites, ePublishing on Kindle ..and much more).
  • Periodic Audio downloads.
  • Invitation to Free Business Webinars (teleseminars) for group discussion, Q&A sessions.
  • Free e-book offers & discount codes for other e-Books.
  • Networking opportunity with other Esoteric Entrepreneurs.

Watch a video (6mins) - White Elephant in Esoteric Enterprises - Wealth Creation (Mani Explains).

 NETWORK via FaceBook

You can build and use this Esoteric Enterprises network for the following personal gains:

Facebook Group: Esoteric Enterprises Network for Pagans & Magicians

  • Connect with other Esoteric entrepreneurs & business minded pagans.
  • Gain Motivation through their interactions.
  • Be inspired by each others’ achievements.
  • Share ideas and solutions.
  • Identify and create partnerships for joint ventures in esoteric enterprises.
  • Publicise and find affiliates to promote / market your products & services to wider networks.
  • Become affiliates, promote others’ products or services, and earn commissions in Esoteric businesses.

Mystery site 1. Where is this? Mani’s approach: 

As a Pagan, Magician and an Esoteric Entrepreneur himself, Mani fully understands the fears, struggles and knowledge gaps some in esoteric communities may face - which prevents many from daring to embark on such ventures. As an experienced Secondary school Teacher & Adult Employment Training Mentor, Mani aims to educate all those interested - in easy step by step manner with adequate explanations, so that all beginners & experienced people can benefit from this Esoteric Enterprise venture!

This service is being reviewed and will be re-launched in 2016.  Keep uptodate by joining Mani’s Mailing list.


`Esoteric Enterprises’ -  is a Social Initiative for Esoteric & Pagan business creators, online publishers, community builders, Sellers, marketers & Entrepreneurs.

Aim is to help & support interested people  in growing their own Esoteric Enterprises, or develop existing ventures, and work towards wealth-creation and charitable ventures


Through networking,  offering guidance & entrepreneurial advise, Mani encourage you to achieve the following:

  • Learn business strategies and apply it to Esoteric ventures
  • Learn  up to date marketing methods and use it promoting and publicising your Esoteric ventures.
  • Increase your skills on online tools
  • Familiarise, customise and increase your online presence wisely in strategically planned manner.
  • Plan your esoteric enterprises for short, medium and long term.
  • Develop branding, logo and a strong identity.!

mystery site2- Where is this?FREE Informational contents!

These are just some of the valuable *contents that Mani is offering

  • How to write good Blogs - using a healthy mixture of personal & professional contents - for creating credibility, authority & expertise.
  • Basic tools & techniques in making promotional (youtube) videos, using simple software (MS Windows!) & your digital camera!!
  • Registering affordable domain names & finding hosts for your websites; Laying out `brochure’ websites to create your personal internet presence.
  • Using Social media tools (facebook pages, groups) wisely and strategically for marketting & promotional purposes - without alienating friends or colleagues by just `blasting’ material (pictures, slogans, name-dropping or random self-promotions etc)!
  • Starting work on ePublishing - in your site as pdf or  on Amazon’s online & Kindle platforms. (You can do it yourself in a few easy steps!)
  • Registering Companies, not-for-profit ventures, and setting Charitable aims & objectives.
  • Explanations on tags, SEO (Search engine optimising), gathering visitor statistics, using Google key word search to optimise what you write (blogs, articles).

Rewards for building your own Enterprises:
mystery site2

  • - Running your own business venture from your home gives you flexibility & huge personal sense of achievement.
  • - Low or no start-up costs! Start small, grow, earn and re-invest some of that back into the esoteric venture.
  • - If you have time in your hand (few hours per week), you can do this!!
  • - Earn money from your pagan interests & hobbies, or turn it slowly over time into a full on income stream!
  • - Put your skills to good use (wealth creation).
  • Fulfil your full potential.


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